MagMaxx Crystal Nutrition

Concentrated Superfood

Pioneering Technology

The pioneering German-Hungarian technology comprises multiple stages in which low temperature ensures the maximum preservation of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals in unique crystal form. Furthermore, the concentration process means that the crystals have an intensity of flavour and efficacy in restoring health and vitality.

The Pinnacle of Raw Materials

The fruits and vegetables in our delicious food crystals are grown to organic standards on some of the most fertile farmland in Central–Europe.

Crystal Nutrition

The end result is our amazing Crystal Nutrition: concentrated superfood crystals packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Your body will thank you!

Starter Pack

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1 pc Immunebomb for kids 2,8oz – 1 pc Koll-Maxx 2,8oz – 1 pc Immunextra 2,8oz

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