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From: $9.90

Green spirulina

Green spirulina



Please slide! Here you can find the ingredients, the nutrient table and the consumption recommendation!

Spirulina delivers important nutrients to the body

Spirulina delivers important nutrients to the body, providing replenishment of trace elements, minerals and proteins. It has a remarkably high protein content and an anti-inflammatory effect. Spirulina has the ability to improve cellular metabolism, reduce appetite and stimulate the growth of healthy bacterial flora in the intestinal tract, so it is also popular for use in weight loss diets.
It contains essential fatty acids, which support the health of the cardiovascular system, as our body uses these fatty acids for prostaglandin production, it also has a particularly good effect on blood pressure and capillary elasticity.

Among the algae, this spirulina has liver-protecting effects, preventing the accumulation of triglycerides and fats. Unique among plants, it contains vitamin B12, which supports brain function.


100% green spirulina

Nutritional table (in 100g)

Energy: kj 1214
Energy: kcal 290
Protein: g 57
Total carbohydrate: g 24
Sugars: g 3,1
Total fat: g 7,7
Fiber: g 2,7
Salt: g 0,1

The product may cause a temporary aggravation of symptoms. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
For a short period of time, you might experience that symptoms might escalate. We suggest that you keep the recommended amounts.

May contain traces of celery.

This product does not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Recommended consumption:

It is not recommended to consume the product under the age of 6, during pregnancy and lactation!
In case of diabetes and high blood pressure, consult your doctor, as it can significantly reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels! Do not consume in case of hypothyroidism!
Recommended for adults daily: 2*1/2 teaspoons
Recommended for ages 6-18: 1*1/2 teaspoons

Consume it mixed in a smoothie, food, juice.
The product is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle!