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fruit crystal

Excellent depurative and antipyretics
 One of its several usage is hemostasis management. Beside these beneficial properties, the fruit is rich in vitamin B1 and B2, in flavonoids, fruit acids, tannins, and fibers. It also contains pectin, which supports digestive system. Furthermore, it has a significant amount of minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. It is recommended to use after antibiotic courses since this fruit helps to restore healthy intestinal flora and supports the overwhelmed digestive system.


raspberry, maltodextrin (made from corn)

Nutritional table (in 100g)

Energy: kj 1419
Energy: kcal 339
Protein: g 3,8
Total carbohydrate: g 70
Sugars: g 42
Total fat: g 0,2
Saturated: g 0
Sodium: g 0,02

It contains salt only as a consequence of the presence of sodium.

It contains only sugars naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables.

Allergen information: may contain traces of celery

The product is not a substitute for a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

The recommended daily amount for adults is 1-2 tea spoonfuls (4-8g), kids 1 tea spoonfuls (2-4g) preferably in the morning before meals, taken in itself so that it can enter the bloodstream directly through the mucous membrane. It can also be taken during meals, sprinkled onto your food or mixed into your drink.


The product may cause a temporary aggravation of symptoms. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.

For a short period of time, you might experience that symptoms might escalate. We suggest that you keep the recommended amounts.


May contain traces of celery.


This product does not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


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To make our super concentrate, we use only non-chemical, ripe, clean fruits and vegetables that are hand-picked and processed with gentle technology that preserves the original taste and blessing of fruits and vegetables: its color, vitamins, macro- and the vast majority of trace elements and biologically active ingredients in concentrated form.

Biodegradation also makes it easier for nutrients to be absorbed, making it easier for all members of the family to stay healthy throughout the year.




Like many other red berries, raspberry is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidant compounds. As a result, it promotes healthy immune system and reduces the risk of developing cancerous diseases. Raspberry consumption plays an important role in fighting against bacterial or viral diseases and defending ourselves from other diseases. It is a fantastic depurative, an efficient remedy against anemia, and helps to reduce fever (raspberry leaves).